Betsy Stubblefield Loucks

Senior Consultant

For over twenty years, Betsy has been a leader, strategist, and facilitator for non-profits, small businesses, social ventures, academia and government agencies.

A Bit About Betsy

  • 01

    Betsy has developed organization-wide strategies, coached executive-level staff and boards, performed academic and market research and successfully written grants up to $1 million. She has also directed several cross-sectoral collaborations that address public health, housing, and environmental sustainability.

  • 02

    Working with the full range of employees, Betsy seeks engagement from individuals just starting their careers to top-level leadership including elected officials, CEOs, executive directors and board members.

  • 03

    She has a BA from Brown University (Providence, RI), Masters of Science in social epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health (Boston, MA), and a Masters of Business with a focus in environmental sustainability from Concordia University (Montreal, QC).

  • 04

    Betsy serves on many non-profit and government boards and is currently the Vice Chair of the Rhode Island Energy Efficiency Resources Management Council, which oversees the state’s annual investment of over $85 million in energy efficiency infrastructure and interventions.

  • 05

    Betsy seeks opportunities to harness the power of the group; she believes that bringing together people with diverse backgrounds and life experience is the best way to articulate a shared and exciting vision, and agree on a pathway to get there.

  • 06

    She was trained facilitative leadership by the Interaction Institute for Social Change (Cambridge, MA) and the Rockwood Institute (Oakland, CA) and in Appreciative Inquiry with Innovation Partners (Montreal, QC).