Maureen (Mo) McKenna

Senior Consultant

Maureen is the founder of the Canadian consulting firm, Return On Energy and she is proud to be a strategic partner with Spartina Consulting.

A Bit About Mo

  • 01

    Maureen engages collaborative approaches to strategic planning, innovation, leadership development, organizational effectiveness and large scale summits.

  • 02

    She works with the private & public sectors in a variety of industries, in Canada and in the US, including insurance, technology, education, healthcare, all three levels of Canadian government, professional associations and community agencies.

  • 03

    Maureen is a Certified Management Consultant, with twenty years of corporate management experience and twenty years of management consulting..

  • 04

    She is a Global Council Member of the Center for David L. Cooperrider Appreciative Inquiry, Champlain College (VT), a TAOS Institute member and Adler International Coaching Alumni.

  • 05

    A respected member of the international Appreciative Inquiry community, she has led hundreds of training sessions on Appreciative Inquiry since 2001.

  • 06

    Maureen was the Chair of the 2nd Canadian Positive Psychology Conference (CPPA) and is an active member of CPPA.