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March 31, 2017: Leading Positive Change—Learn to Lead Change for Your Organization


In today’s work environment, leading change is a critical skill – especially if you can do it while inspiring and engaging your employees. This workshop will focus on increasing your understanding of and ability to lead positive change in your organization using Appreciative Inquiry and other strengths-based and high-engagement approaches to avoid the turmoil that change so often brings.

Using a combination of interactive learning experiences, we will help you build your organization’s capacity to lead positive change, improve processes, strengthen teams, and foster collaboration. We will offer skill practice and action learning to create a safe space for sharing insights among participants, and to apply these insights to your everyday work situations.

Ultimately this program will expand your ability to lead positive change and inspire leadership in others.

Instructor: Tony Silbert of Spartina Consulting

tony-silbertTony Silbert, MSOD, has over 30 years experience in strength-based business consulting, organization development, positive change leadership development, training design and delivery, and coaching. He is an adjunct professor of the MBA capstone, Strategic Management, and has written numerous articles on topics related to strength-based strategy, leadership, innovation, and culture building. Click here to find out more about Tony.

Key Learnings

  • Uncover and elevate core strengths, both in oneself and in others
  • Understand and apply the theory and practice of Appreciative Inquiry
  • Reframe problems in order to identify opportunities and inspire positive change
  • Ask positive questions in ways that foster learning, connection and cooperation
  • Mobilize teams to engage in more participative and collaborative – even transformative – conversations that sustain positive change practices over time

Who should attend?

Organizational leadership teams, executive directors, supervisors, performance managers, change agents, and human resource professionals.


  • Leading Self, Others, and the Organization
  • Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Overview
  • Extraordinary Leadership Inquiry
  • Reframing Problem to Opportunity
  • Science of Positive Change
  • Communication and Performance Management
  • Building a Positive Culture
  • Back Home Applications: From Workshop to Real World

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