Who We Are

We founded Spartina to radically shift how consulting services are delivered to—or rather, with—clients.

We are driven by and committed to co-creating high impact, positive change in the organizations and communities where we live and work globally. Spartina Consulting - Time for ChangeSpartina Consulting specializes in high-engagement, strength-based, inquiry-driven approaches to strategy, culture building, leadership development, and innovation.  We flip traditional problem solving on its head – instead of focusing “what isn’t working?” we instead look for strengths, what’s working, and assets and aspirations from which we can build and stretch forward. We assist clients in growing and overcoming challenges through our future-focused and solution-oriented approaches, like Appreciative Inquiry.  We work in close partnership with clients from across sectors to draw out and build upon your organization’s strengths to create deep and long lasting value. Having been on both the delivery and client side of consulting, we have created a set of models are fast, relevant, and practical.

The Spartina Story

Spartina is a species of aquatic grass that that grows in clusters, providing a buttress of protection against bank erosion that allows it and other water life to thrive in the most challenging environments, like the salt marsh.  Spartina grass’s strength is in numbers and its growth is not just in service to itself but to the larger ecosystem wherein it lives. Like our namesake, our work at Spartina Consulting draws on strengths in service of whole systems, organizations, and communities, rooting deep with enduring value. Learn more.