Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Creating and nurturing inclusive, engaged organizations and communities is at the heart of our calling, how Spartina came to be.

Consider the following two questions with regard to your change effort:

  1. Who will most impact your success?

  2. Who will be most impacted by your success?


Where most fixate on #1 above, few consider #2, or stretch their thinking systemically – far and wide enough. The reality is that whoever makes the list in response to both questions should be engaged (someway, somehow) for change to occur and for the results to be enduring. People commit to what they help to create.


Below are examples of past community and stakeholder engagement projects facilitated by members of our Spartina team:

The Gordon School – strategic planning with, for, and by the very community members that stand to impact and be impacted by the success of this multi-cultural N-8 school: students, staff, faculty, Board members, families, alumni, community partners, donors, volunteers and beyond. Beyond the mere gathering of ideas, this six-month journey strengthened relationships and inspired partnerships essential to implementation success.

images-79Baker Ripley (formerly Neighborhood Centers Inc.)- see how one agency’s commitment to strengths-based community development inspired radical innovations in human service delivery, from immigration policy, to education reform, to senior services, making waves across southeast Texas and turning heads at the White House.

blanchard-thumbEmerging After the Storm” –

CEO & President, Angela Blanchard, has made a life out of helping communities pull together under difficult circumstances. With a passion for appreciative inquiry, Blanchard knows, “you can’t build on broken”. When you start with a community’s strength, and refuse to admire problems a new conversation emerges.

Building Vibrant Communities in Southeast Texas (AI Practitioner, 2012) – a new model for inquiry-driven, solution-focused community engagement that inspires innovation, resilience, and urban renewal.

htown-stories-screencapH-Town Series” –

keeping Houston a city of opportunity for all


Make it Happen Rhode Island” – Over 300 private sector, nonprofit and community leaders met for two days in September 2012 to set a new economic course for Rhode Island.Sep 8, 2012; Make It happen RI. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne

Social Enterprise GreenhouseSocial Enterprise Greenhouse” – seeding, incubating, and growing social enterprises in ways that engage the  diverse facets of cities and communities, creating jobs, developing workforces, and growing the local and global economy.


Learning401 logo 2014Learning401” – shifting how we think and talk about education in Rhode Island, one powerful learning story at a time. Using a combination of live forums, digital capture, mentor connections, and research, we’re giving voice to – and empowering – the public that’s public school. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!

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