Radically Shifting the Delivery of Consulting Services

Spartina Consulting is committed to co-creating high impact, positive change in the organizations and communities where we live and work globally.


Strategy – it’s about creating a movement not just a plan, providing shared purpose, direction, coordinated and inspired action.

At Spartina, we’ve replaced traditional strategic planning with its positive reframe. This results in goals backed by inspired action, committed follow-through, and collaborative camaraderie.

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Spartina Consulting: Strategy

Business Design

Spartina loves jumping in the business modeling sandbox, defying status quo, and co-designing tomorrow’s game-changers at the scale and speed of imagination.

More significantly, we facilitate this process well using a strength-based, high-engagement (dare we say FUN) approach.

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Leadership & Culture Building

Solid performance is bred of strong leadership; and strong leadership is proliferated by the current corporate culture and values that shape “how work gets done around here.”

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