Leadership + Culture Building

Spartina Group Session Facilitation

Solid performance is bred of strong leadership; and strong leadership is proliferated by the current corporate culture and values that shape “how work gets done around here,” made visible by behaviors, decisions, and actions.

Building the capacity of current and future leaders at every level requires a close examination of what is and what should be—not only in skills, but in behaviors, which are the byproduct of an individual’s values and the larger organization’s culture.

Barrett Values Centre Culture Transformation Tool (CTT)

Enter the Barrett Values Centre Culture Transformation Tool (CTT), a diagnostic assessment that makes the qualitative quantitative – measurable.  

Using an electronic survey coupled with one-on-one and group debriefing sessions, data is gathered to spark conversations around what makes individuals, teams and organizations “tick” in ways that everyone senses but no one can exactly name.  

Spartina Consulting Leadership and Culture DevelopmentStrengths in current roles/processes become visible, as well as potentially limiting values that decrease effectiveness and deplete the energy needed to stay on top of your game.  What you can name and measure, you also can manage over time.

Our culture work spans individual leaders, groups/teams, and organizations/communities, aligning values with vision and mission, and culture with strategic priorities, rendering [invisible, implicit] values into [visible, explicit] actions and roles. It enables people to see the issues clearly in such a way that staff can talk about what really matters in a solution-oriented frame – as well as what might be in the way of moving forward on those solutions quickly and collaboratively.