Collaborative Innovation

The best ideas and innovation rarely come from the top.

Innovative companies put more seats at the table and more tables in the room, engaging staff and stakeholders from ideation through implementation. At Spartina, the key to Collaborative Innovation is rallying those who are impacted by or could impact your success – this includes bringing together the unusual suspects, from across teams, divisions, and organizational boundaries. Whether through high-touch (face-to-face collaboration) or low touch (virtual collaboration), we ensure the best ideas rise to the top.

Our high-touch services span the innovation supply chain – from idea generation, to incubation, to developing a company’s capacity to innovate every day. We offer the following services:

    Innovation Exploration

    Stimulating thinking in a manner that generates innovative ideas, insights, and strategies. Services include: Innovation Strategy Summit (forum for broad-based engagement); Innovation Expedition (learning tours); and Researching/Benchmarking Exemplars and Experts.

    Innovation Acceleration

    Accelerating innovation through design thinking, business modeling, and creative problem solving. Services include: Design and Modeling; Rapid Prototyping; Stress Testing; Innovation Pilots; and Scaling Innovation.

    Innovation Capacity

    Enhancing your organization’s ability to regularly implement innovations and sustain a culture of innovation and risk-taking. Services include: Workshops: Innovation and Design; Pilots Roll-Out, Innovation Pit Stop, Action Learning/Practice Sharing, and Partnerships/Alliances.

    More than staying relevant and on top of our game, Spartina has seen that internal teams are gelling like never before, not just engaged but empowered to design more innovatively as they create and deliver value – for themselves, their colleagues, clients, partners, and communities they strive to serve.

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