Damian Ewens, MSE


Damian is a consummate teacher and adventurer gifted for creating unique learning experiences that harness individual purpose in concert with community.

Damian Ewens is an educator, entrepreneur, and ocean adventurer with a passion for helping all people feel alive and in concert with their self, purpose and the environment. For over 20 years, he has taught in, launched, and led inclusive learning communities, non-profits, and tech start-ups that create opportunity for all. Most recently, he founded and runs Ocean State of Mind, a mindfulness-based ocean science and research initiative supporting thriving oceans and humans: a project of the Ocean Foundation. He is a certified mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) teacher who runs MBSR programs for colleges, companies and ocean advocates. With certifications in freediving and ocean rescue and risk mitigation, he also guides ocean retreats that foster deeper connection to self, community and nature. Damian holds a Masters degree in Education from Stanford University. He is a lifelong surfer who lives in ‘the Ocean State’ with his wife, photographer Stephanie Alvarez Ewens, and two daughters.

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