Sharon Collins

Jessica Lopez

Sharon has spent her entire career turning conventional wisdom on its head.
Where others ask “What can we do better?” she inquires, “What’s already working well and how can we get more of
it?” She believed in the power of inclusion and applied diversity principles before they were expected.

Sharon is a creative, curious change-maker who cares deeply about personal growth and challenges teams to be their best versions of themselves. She listens for the core point within a haystack of information. From a value-centric place, she helps individuals and teams connect their stories and experience to create results that are often transformational.

Her portfolio includes 30 years of experience working across multiple industries and dynamic capacities. In her early career she spent time designing composite materials and leading health safety and environmental management. Her most electrifying experience was a year residence in Shanghai, China instilling a fresh brand of innovation and original thinking to a new R&D facility.

She used her infectious energy and pioneering spirit to co-create with scientific and administrative communities to occupy new physical and sociological spaces. Her experience also includes working with Diversity and Inclusion teams to establish operating norms and behaviors for collaboration and innovation of the discipline. She has helped management teams create intrepid vision and focus. Through collaboration she worked with employee populations to establish self- directed teams and create operating norms for innovative cultures.

Her desire is to leverage her passion and experience and support organizations that are curious and interested in becoming the best version of themselves. Her portfolio includes: WR Grace, Merrill Corporation, Cybex International, Genzyme Surgical Products, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Kaleido Biosciences and Relay Therapeutics.

Sharon lives in Medford MA relearning curiosity and creativity through the eyes of her granddaughter, Ayla.

Favorite words: Verve, Pioneer, Space and Yes