Radically Shifting the Delivery of Consulting Services

Spartina Consulting is committed to co-creating high impact, positive change in the organizations and communities where we live and work globally.


Strategy – it’s about creating a movement not just a plan, providing shared purpose, direction, coordinated and inspired action.

At Spartina, we’ve replaced traditional strategic planning with its positive reframe. This results in goals backed by inspired action, committed follow-through, and collaborative camaraderie.

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Spartina Consulting: Strategy

Culture Building

When it comes to culture, it’s not about change or transformation. It’s about actively building the culture you most desire. While it may seem like subtle shift in language, it is significant!

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Leadership Development

Solid performance is bred of strong leadership; and strong leadership is proliferated by the current corporate culture and values that shape “how work gets done around here.”

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Collaborative Innovation

Rarely do the best ideas come from the top. At Spartina, the key to Collaborative Innovation is rallying those who are impacted or could impact your success.

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