Spartina offers the most relevant and practical training, cohort and action learning, mentoring and coaching to support strengths-based leaders who endeavor to drive positive change within their organization.


Spartina offers in-house training ranging from 2 hour modules to 2-day intensives, and everything between. Sessions combine and integrate educational material, experiential leadership and team-building activities, while introducing new approaches, tools, and processes to put into practice after the training session. Skill practice and action learning opportunities will be designed to create a safe and honest space for sharing reflections/insights among participants while applying curriculum insights to everyday work situations.
Sessions include:

  • Leading Positive Change: Maximize your unique skills and strengths, developing your leadership abilities while bringing out the best in others. This workshop will expand leaders’ capacity to lead positive change and inspire leadership in others using Appreciative Inquiry and other strengths-based and high-engagement approaches to change. (Custom duration: 2 to 6 hrs).
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  • Leading Highly Engaged Remote Teams: Strengthen the quality of engagement, productivity, collaboration and communication between leaders, staff, and teams while working remotely. This offering is ideal for managers and leaders at any level. Courses are available in a series of modular 2-hour digital workshops, with the option of supplementary peer coaching sessions to integrate workshop and real world challenges over time.
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  • Rapid Strategy Development: from SWOT to SOAR: The success of your organization hinges on its strategy – not the published strategic plan tucked in a three-ring binder, but the capacity of your people to think and act strategically, to create shared meaning and understanding for coordinated action, to make strategic decisions on a moment’s notice every day. This workshop will provide an experiential overview of the rapid strategy development process, a participatory and possibility-focused framework that accelerates both strategic planning and implementation. This framework replaces SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) with SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results), which readies participants and their teams to lead accelerated and collaborative planning endeavors, small and large. (Custom duration: 3 to 6 hrs).
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  • Leading in Uncertain Times: Living and leading in a COVID world requires a delicate mix of confidence and humility while navigating ambiguity and uncertainty. This workshop strengthens manager-leader awareness, providing strength-based tools for improving the quality of engagement, productivity, collaboration and communication. Ideal for managers and leaders, persons responsible for managing multiple individuals and/or multiple teams. Courses are available in modular 2-3 hour digital workshops, with the option of supplementary action learning check-ins to integrate workshop and real world challenges over time.
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  • Creative Problem Solving: There is a problem with traditional problem solving, which all too often becomes an unbridled exercise in finger-pointing, blame, and defensiveness, fueling a downward spiral of negative thought, behavior and action. This “Creative Problem Solving” workshop flips traditional problem solving on its head, integrating Appreciative Inquiry, positive psychology research and the new sciences. More than harnessing your workforce’s ability to name and assess problems, you’ll learn how to arrive at solutions more swiftly, effectively and efficiently. Using a combination of experiential activities, participants will gain “GPS” tools and practices for leading creative problem solving with a focus on solutions, desired impact and results. (Custom duration: 2 to 6 hrs).
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  • Resilient Leadership for Adaptive Change: Leadership today requires inner work to navigate and thrive in an ever-changing world. From workshop to staff retreat, maximize your team’s unique skills and strengths to lead positive change with ease and equanimity amidst an unknown future, developing leadership capacities for yourself, others, and your organization based on Appreciative Inquiry and other strengths-based and high-engagement practices. (Custom duration: 2 – 6 hrs).
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  • Appreciative Inquiry: Introduction, Foundations, and Advanced practitioner workshops.
  • Coaching for Growth and Development: Inspiring managers and emerging leaders; developing and coaching employees to positively influence, engage and build on strengths of individuals and teams.
  • Communication: tools and experiential activities to build capacity for fluid communications among teams, including conflict resolution (Difficult Conversations), Reframing, Inquiry/Dialogue, and Feedback/Feedforward.

Cohort Learning

We offer multiple leadership development tracks: one for executive/senior leaders and another track for emerging leaders. Often we combine executives with emerging leaders to cultivate a combined leadership team that encourages ownership, engagement, and proactive stewardship across the organization.


Spartina uses industry-validated assessment tools to begin the process of elevating awareness of self and behavioral impact on others. With our support, these tools can identify opportunities for growth and development and catalyze leadership capacities and overall performance. Assessment tools may include:

Individual/Group Coaching

Spartina provides coaching to a full range of people within your teams, from emerging leaders to seasoned executives. We can work one-on-one to support leaders through specific challenges and areas of concern. We can also work within your teams to pair senior leaders with emerging leaders whom they will coach, using Spartina’s trainings, tools and resources as needed.