Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

At Spartina

  • We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion across social identities are essential to any thriving organization or network; the more perspectives included, the greater chance for breakthrough innovation, genuine commitment, and enduring growth.
  • We believe in democratizing organizations, where every voice deserves to be in the room, is heard, and counts. This belief is at the heart of our inclusive approach to planning and change; it is why our methodologies harness the art and science of inquiry, dialogue, and storytelling.
  • We believe that fun and dynamic experiences can fuel creativity, collaboration, and transformation that drive results and higher levels of performance.

Spartina co-founders, Jen Hetzel Silbert and Tony Silbert, are among the early pioneers and practitioners of a world-renowned facilitation methodology called Appreciative Inquiry (AI). AI is based on two deceptively simple premises for planning and change:

  1. We find more of what we seek—by focusing on what is desired — strengths and opportunities for innovation/improvement, as well as aspirations and desired outcomes/results — more creative ideas are generated and more possibilities are explored. Positive Image = Positive Action.
  2. People commit to what they help to create—the more inclusive the process, engaging those who impact and those who will be impacted, the more committed people will be to the outcome, the work needed to get there, and long-term success.

Appreciative Inquiry is the central philosophy, approach, methodology underlying Spartina’s work. It is strength-based, inquiry-driven, and solution-seeking — the search for what has value and what you would like to see increase in value in your organization, institution, community. For a deeper dive on AI, please watch this short video, “The Problem with Problem Solving”.