Grateful for Team Spartina

This Thanksgiving, Team Spartina is grateful to our countless colleagues, friends, and family members who have supported us in launching our own business. We are especially grateful to each other – leading lives of innovation and entrepreneurship is both wonderfully inspiring and an ever evolving challenge. Beyond our complimentary skill sets and shared values, our team is built on mutual trust, respect, and friendship. We’ve all worked with each other, in some capacity, for more than 15 years as co-workers, clients, mentors, and friends. We are genuinely grateful to each other and pay it forward by the gratitude we feel for the amazing clients we work with every day.

Please meet Team Spartina.

Tony’s co-founders describe him as magnetic and authentic, someone who sees the invisible lines that connect ideas, enabling him to launch ideas “to the next level of awesome.” Beyond visionary, his lens is futuristic – he’s the first person in the room to ask “did you ever think about it this way?” or “what if?” Outgoing, fun, and friendly, Tony is fed by the energy of a room and reciprocally energizes a room with his provocative questions, positive attitude, and vision for the future.

Dave’s colleagues describe him as a “big pictures person” who forges strong relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Dave’s people-centered approach to problem solving makes him a strong connector, collaborator, and evangelical promoter of the power of people to add more value to their companies inside and out. A long time student and practitioner of the Business Model Canvas and business design, Dave’s your guy to help challenge, reinvent, or pivot your business model.

Jen’s partners look to her as force of positivity and admire her as someone who gets the job done with both grace and the highest of standards. She’s an activator – she leads by action and believes that action is the best way to learn, iterate, and dive in again.  Jen is a confident decision maker, skilled translator between innovative ideas and immediate implementation, uniquely talented facilitator, and relentless promoter of strength-based approaches, like Appreciative Inquiry, to build strong businesses.

This week and every week, we encourage you to tell your colleagues, business partners, and clients why you’re grateful for their contributions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Team Spartina


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